Heat Treating

Newcor companies MTG, RGI, and DECO have in-house induction hardening or access to batch carburizing, neutral hardening, and carbo-nitriding operations which provide consistent heat treatment results every time, on every product. Our heat treatment process parameters are carefully planned, fine-tuned, and monitored to optimize results with minimal distortion.

Our technical diversity also allows us to use numerous types of steel and a variety of Heat Treating methods to produce difficult parts in a repetitive production environment. Our metallurgical process controls ensure exceptional consistency and dimensional stability.

Steel, iron, and other metals are hard and strong by nature, but some applications require more durable or wear-resistant conditions that can be attained by heat treatment. In-house induction hardening, batch carburizing, neutral hardening, and carbo-nitriding operations by Machine Tool & Gear provide consistent heat treatment results every time, on every product.

At Newcor, our technical expertise and specialized experience allows us to assist in selection of optimized processing parameters for load times and handling that will guarantee all parts meet drawing design requirements in every single heat treat lot and batch. Metallurgical testing is done in-house at each location, assuring efficient handling all the way from green turn machining through heat treatment and final finish, ensuring traceability in production. To best serve you, we have on-site comprehensive metallurgical laboratories to evaluate and optimize your products. Capabilities include magnetic particle inspection to detect surface and subsurface discontinuities in production parts, microstructural analysis, grain flow analysis, ultrasonic testing, plus Brinell, Rockwell, Superficial and Microhardness testing.

Advanced metallurgical expertise is available to support customers in material selection and process selection, including metallurgical failure analysis and design support. Our metallurgist and engineers evaluate special needs in development of new products using advanced materials and technology. We understand our processes and are ready to go the step beyond.